Do you know how to distinguish the aluminum and pure aluminum material package bags?












  Aluminum foil packaging bag usually refers to three – or four-layer structure aluminum plastic composite packaging bags, such this package bag use for a snack, nuts, protein powder, pet food, and other dry things, has smell proof, moisture-proof, light-proof effect. with a good function of water separation, oxygen separation. What we can use this to measure the body to make the packing bag of the different type, like stand up ziplock pouches, side gusset bag,  flat bottom paper bag, 3 side heat seal bag and so on.

 The aluminum foil bags are also divided into pure aluminum bags and aluminum bags, so in daily life how to distinguish between aluminum bags and pure aluminum bags, summed up a few points:

 1. From the perspective of materials, pure aluminum bags are pure aluminum with high purity and belong to soft materials. The aluminum – coated bag is made of brittle composite material.

2.In terms of performance, the pure aluminum bag has better moisture-proof and cooling effect than the aluminum bag. The pure aluminum bag is completely light-proof, and the aluminum bag is the light-blocking effect.


3. In terms of cost, the price of pure aluminum bags is higher than that of aluminized bags.

4In terms of use, pure aluminum bags are more suitable for vacuumings, such as filling products such as cooked food and meat, while aluminized bags are suitable for filling tea leaves, powder, and electronic parts.

5, the bag facing the light or sunlight, can see the light through the bag is coated with aluminum foil, cannot see is pure aluminum foil


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Post time: Oct-16-2018
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