Gravure printing design and printing of plastic packaging bag

      The design of the plastic packaging bag is that the start of producing. The unreasonable style can increase the printing problem and scale back the qualification rate of the printing product. It’s going to conjointly cause difficulties in cutting and bag creating, and even cause the complete batch of merchandise to be scrapped.

      Therefore, the design before the plate making is very important. Many designers who engage in art design only design from the perspective of art when performing gravure design. They do not fully consider the special characteristics of gravure printing technology, so the vivid image can not be written ideally. From the angle of gravure printing technology, what ought tobe noted within the style of plastic packaging bags? Listen to the planning document can meet the printing necessities from the subsequent aspects:

       (1)Printing review work before planning manuscripts

        Before the gravure style enters the plate creating, it should be reviewed by the layout. That is, the plate-making manufacturer and therefore the printing manufacturer communicate effectively to work out whether or notthis document may be effectively printed by the printing manufacturer.

     In general, once the client inquires, we’ll send the customer’s design to the plate maker, let him valuate whether or not the design will print vividly. If the design contains a spot color, the client cannot offer the Pantone color variety, then the master canregulate the colour to create it close, however typically there’ll be a small color distinctionthat could be acomparatively common scene.



       (2) “Bleed line” setting


     ”Bleeding”  may be a must-have for designers. whether or not you’re in poster style, magazine style or bag style, you all got to set “bleeding” (as shown below).


      The forming of a bag cannot  be done by printing alone. It should undergo the processes of “typesetting → printing → layering → cutting → bag creating → elements processing”, and therefore the method of “cutting” is to suit a decent written film is delve a roll size by a machine. The “bag making” is employed to chop the film by “heat sealing” once surgical operation the half to be created into a bag from the film roll. got wind of the body of the bag.

      In the method of “cutting” and “making bags”, the machine can have a lot of or less errors (see Figure onebelow), and harm is to create a secure vary of 2~5mm in your style draft. even though there square measureerrors within the method of cutting, you may solely delve these additional places, and can not delve the items in your style (see Figure two below).




       The forming of a bag cannot be done by printing alone. It should undergo the processes of “typesetting → printing → layering → cutting → bag creating → elements processing”.

      In the method of “cutting” and “making bags”, the machine may cause errors (see Figure onebelow), and harm is to create a secure vary of 2~5mm in your style draft. Even though there square measureerrors within the method of cutting, can not cut the items in your design (see Figure two below).

      Of course, once the client sends the design to us, we are going to create a layout for the client. If the customer’s design is likely to be cut, we will remind the customer to re-adjust the layout of the design.

      (3) Image resolution setting

      There ar some ways to create a style draft. one among them is to use PS, or to use the annotation style and output it into an image for printing. this can be really an inventive method. several designers might cannot use AI, however their expertness in different software system or photography permits him to use different strategies to complete the design.

      However, once planning with this sort of methodology, you need to pay special attention to the “resolution (dpi)” of the image and photograph. The resolution is just like the fineness of the photograph and also the image. The lower the resolution setting, the a lot of blurred the photograph appearance. On the contrary, the upper the dpi setting, the clearer it’ll be. In general, the printing house and also the color art field would require a setting price of a minimum of three hundred dpi or higher to make sure the printing quality.


      Of course, the elaborate setting values are slightly completely different in step withdifferent printing factories. However, if you begin creating footage and also make the resolution is about to three hundred or more, you’ll be able to effectively avoid the time to pay longer to changes.

      These are the knowledge point of the packaging food bag that I introduced to you.There arseveral different things within the field of design that I don’t describe due to the length of the article. I will add it to you within the future.



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