How to distinguish pure aluminum and regular aluminum?


The aluminum foil packaging bag generally refers to three – or four-layer structure metallic element plastic composite packaging bag, such this package bag use for a snack, nuts, protein powder food, pet food, and various dry things and so on, has smell proof, moisture-proof, light-proof impact.

What we have a tendency to are ready to use this to make the packing bag of the assorted type, like stand up ziplock pouches, side gusset bag, flat bottom pouches, 3 side heat seal bag and, soon. The aluminum foil material divided into the pure aluminum bag and regular aluminum bag material, there have many points to differentiate them

Aluminum and pure aluminum material 1 - 副本

1. From the materials, the pure aluminum bag material is high purity and belong to soft materials. The pure aluminum bag – the coated bag is created of brittle material.
2. In terms of performance, the pure aluminum bag has higher moisture-proof and cooling impact than the regular aluminum bag. The pure aluminum bag is completely light-proof, and so the regular aluminum bag material is that the light-blocking impact.

3. In terms of worth, the worth of pure aluminum bag is higher than regular aluminum bag material,

4In terms of use, pure aluminum bag are plenty of applicable for vacuumings, like filling product like cooked food and meat, whereas regular aluminum bag material, is suitable for filling tea leaves, powder, and the other snack and dry food.

5, The bag facing the sunshine or daylight, can see the sunshine through the bag is regular aluminum bag material. cannot see is pure aluminum bag material.

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Post time: Oct-21-2018
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